Admissions are the number one challenge most universities face. That’s why we have developed Ascent One Admissions Management. Choose a couple of modules or choose the entire range. All modules are designed to seamlessly support and enhance each other.

Always have your latest forms online

Streamline your assessment process

Let us handle all your admissions work

Enable students to accept offers online

Enable students to apply for a refund anytime

Let students view full course data online

Enable students or agents to apply online

Enable students to request a deferral online

Ascent One runs on cloud.
No infrastructure investment required.
No downloads, installations or updates.

All the forms you need in one place

With Easy Forms, you can search for forms by various categories including institution, form type and course. Find all the forms you need in one place. No need to trawl through different university websites and emails. You can search for all types of forms including applications, enrolments and refunds.

  • Search for forms by any category
  • Be able to download forms instantly
  • No need to search through different uni websites

With Easy Assessor all your applications from everywhere in the world will be housed in one central location. All you have to do is pull it up on screen to view the information. Send out offers with a click, enabling you to quickly capture enrolments.

  • Get back to students in record time
  • Easy access to applications on one central system
  • No need to search through multiple email messages
  • All info will be complete as the system does not accept incomplete applications

With Easy Visa Manager you can swiftly manage your visa processing obligations. Screen every student that applies with automatic online checks. No need to do it manually. Everything is trackable and traceable for audit days.

  • Reduce SVP compliance risk
  • Reduce staff processing time
  • Easy to use for students, agents and staff
  • Audit trail enables you to monitor all info

Fed up handling admissions? Leave it to us. Easy Admissions is our outsourcing service for admissions. We can handle anything from data entry and document upload to chasing incomplete applications. With Easy Admissions you can switch your fixed costs to variable costs - and save.

  • Reduce your admissions processing costs
  • Speed up your admissions process
  • Free up your resources
  • Focus on student service and conversion

With Easy Acceptance, students can accept offers online so you don’t get buried in paperwork. The acceptance forms are pre-filled with student details, making it easier for them to complete. You can integrate the module with your chosen payment gateway, enabling students to pay online.

  • Streamline your acceptance process
  • Students and agents will get automatic confirmation notifications
  • Update acceptance requirements anytime
  • Generate useful business reports

With Easy Refund your students can easily apply for a refund online. Everything is taken care of by the module so you don’t have to deal with multiple communication channels. The module will send students automatic SMS or email replies.

  • Students can apply for a refund anytime
  • Free up staff processing time
  • Link to Easy Web Application to streamline processes
  • Generate financial reports with a click

Publish your full course info online, not just course names and fees. Students can view intake dates, entry requirements and more. You can link this page to other modules such as Easy Web Application and Easy Assessor to streamline your entire admissions process.

  • Streamline your admissions process
  • Publish full course data
  • Link to other Ascent One modules to enable students to apply online

Easy Web Application is a powerful portal that consolidates your entire application process. Students or agents can use it to apply online and track their application status. The module records all communication history including offers made and documents sent. You don’t have to search through multiple emails.

  • Enable students and agents to apply online 24/7
  • All communication history is recorded in one place
  • Also enables online payment of application fees
  • Use with other modules to speed up your admissions process

With Easy Deferral, students and agents can request a deferral online. The module will take care of all follow-up communications, such as accepting the deferral and re-issuing an offer letter. Easy Deferral automates as much of the deferral process as possible so you can focus on core issues.

  • Reduce staff processing time
  • More control over deferral process
  • Generate instant reports for business purposes
  • Track all communication history

This module allows you to book and schedule interviews with students online for the courses that require them. All parties – assessors, academics and students - have access to the system to facilitate easier management. You can also use the module to record interview outcomes and notes.

  • Book and schedule interviews online
  • Keep notes about the interviews
  • Track all user actions
  • Frees up staff processing time