Managing your worldwide agent network can be a drain on your resources.That’s why we have developed Ascent One Agent Management – a suite of agent management software products that handle everything from maintaining your agent database to calculating commissions.

Create a global database of agents

Keep your published agent info up to date

Keep in touch with all your agents

Manage commissions for all your agents

Record all critical interactions with your agents

Issue contracts and keep track of expiry dates

Ascent One runs on cloud.
No infrastructure investment required.
No downloads, installations or updates.

Easy Agent enables you to create a database of agents using our global database. You will have access to agent contact details across the world and be able to filter by role, institution or country. Link Easy Agent to other modules such as Easy Agent Publisher and Easy Communicator to streamline your entire agent management process.

  • Always have up-to-date information about your agents
  • View your agent network globally via integrated map technology
  • Gain better control over your agent network

Once you have an Easy Agent database you can use Easy Agent Publisher to publish all your agent details on your institution website. This subscribes to ESOS compliance and you don’t have to do manual updates. Every time an agent makes a change, the software will update it on your site.

  • Enables students to search for verified agents on your site
  • Helps prevent agent fraud
  • Published info includes agency name, job titles, emails and address
  • 100% ESOS compliant

Your agent network is worldwide with multiple contact people. Easy Communicator is a system that enables you to communicate with the right person each time. By having all your messages in one system you don’t have to refer to multiple emails. Track all your communication history and make sure your messages get to the right people.

  • Target your messages by department, country and job title
  • Create your own templates to suit your brand
  • Track messages which have or have not been read
  • Track all responses and message history

Every agent may have a different commissions scheme. Easy Commissions enables you to manage it all – set, calculate and process commissions for each of your agents based on their respective packages. With Easy Commissions you can keep track of all amounts paid and owing without having to calculate each account manually.

  • Easy processing of agent commissions
  • Keep track of commissions paid and payable
  • Generate a wide range of business reports
  • Avoid duplicate payments and clawbacks

As an institution you are responsible for everything your agents do and say. Our solution is Easy Notes, a module that enables you to record all critical interactions with your agents. These include marketing plans or visits, comments, documents and reports. With a complete record on hand, you and your staff will always be up to date with agent dealings.

  • Keep track of all your agent interactions
  • The audit trail covers meetings, visits, complaints and reports
  • Make sure no organisation knowledge is lost when staff move
  • Record all notes and reports against each agent

With Easy Agreement Manager you can issue contracts to your agents and keep track of agreement expiry dates. You will also be able to run audit checks for agent appointments and renewals. Easy Agreement Manager removes the pain of paperwork. You can always check on agreement statuses online or run reports to see what’s outstanding.

  • Manage prospective agent applications
  • Keep track of agreement expiry dates
  • Record agreement and commission arrangements
  • Enable audit checks and screenings for renewal