Imagine using a single platform for all your dealings with institutions and students worldwide. No more using multiple emails or having to keep track of multiple passwords. Everything’s on Ascent One.

it’s easier with ascent one

One login for all institutions

Can’t keep track of different passwords? With Ascent One you only need one login to submit applications or download forms from your various partner universities.

Be found by institutions

As a member of Ascent One you will be listed on our database which will be shared with reputed institutions worldwide.

Easily update institutions

If you need to update staff or address details you just have to update Ascent One and the system will update your partner institutions.

Be found by students worldwide

When you sign up for Ascent One, your office address and contact details can be auto-published on institution websites, giving you extra visibility and marketing reach.

Keep track of all communications

Ascent One offers you a central messaging system where you can view all emails from your partner institutions in one place.

Keep track of commissions

With Ascent One it’s all online and transparent. Just login to the system to see what’s been paid and what is due.

Request promotional material

No more ordering brochures using email, fax or different online systems. With Ascent One, you can track all your different orders using the one system.

So, how do I get access to Ascent One?

To gain access to Ascent One you need to be invited by one of our client institutions. Please contact your institutional partners and ask if they can invite you.


Get listed on our directory and be found

Always have your latest forms online

Keep in touch with your partner institutions

Keep track of commissions paid and payable

Search for institutions anywhere in the world

Keep track of contract details and expiry dates

Ascent One runs on cloud.
No infrastructure investment required.
No downloads, installations or updates.

When you sign up for Ascent One you will be automatically listed on Easy Agent, our global agent directory. Get connected to your partner institutions and start using Ascent One to manage your dealings with them including commissions, agreements and daily communications.

  • Connect to institutions with one easy system
  • Enables you to link up with other Ascent One modules
  • Be found by students all over the globe

Search for institutions anywhere in the world

Easy Contact is our global directory of institutions. You can find almost any institution in the world and search by various categories. Find a university by location or hone in on a person in a specific department such as admissions, acceptance, marketing or commissions.

  • Access our global institution directory
  • Get in touch with the right person every time
  • The easy way to search for contacts

A central messaging system with institutions

With Easy Communicator, institutions can send messages to you in a single platform.

The messages can be targeted by department or job title so information always gets to the right people in your company. You will have a complete history of all communications for your easy reference.

  • Be able to receive messages and reply to institutions
  • Keep track of all communications
  • No need for multiple emails and modes of communication

Use Easy Agreement Manager to keep track of all your agreement details with institutions including expiry dates. Use the system to upload and store signed documents, and get automatic notifications when contracts are going to expire.

  • Use one simple system to manage agreements
  • Keep track of agreement details and expiry dates
  • Get notified when contracts are expiring

With Easy Commissions you can always keep track of the commissions paid to you.

Institutions will process all your commissions through the system so you can minimise calculation errors or missed payments. Access online reports at any time to check amounts paid and payable.

  • Keep track of commissions paid and payable
  • Manage tax and payment methods
  • Avoid calculation errors or missed payments

All the forms you need in one place

With Easy Forms, you can search for forms by various categories including institution, form type and course. Find all the forms you need in one place. No need to trawl through different university websites and emails. You can search for all types of forms including applications, enrolments and refunds.

  • Search for forms by any category
  • Be able to download forms instantly
  • No need to search through different uni websites