Trouble managing admissions?

Running an admissions team can be very costly. The outlay is high and your fixed costs aren’t giving you the right returns. Why not outsource the work and convert your fixed costs to variable costs?

At Object Next we offer Easy Admissions – an outsourcing service where we can handle all or part of your admissions process. Let us take care of the daily processes such as data entry, assessing applications and chasing up incomplete forms so you can focus on your core task - student service and conversion.

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Enrolments falling?

You’re getting enquiries but you’re not responding to them fast enough. Bottlenecks in your admissions process can cost you enrolments. Our solution? Easy Acceptance. A plug-in module which enables you to streamline your entire acceptance process.

Students can accept offers online using pre-filled forms that are linked to a payment gateway. Paperwork disappears and you capture enrolments in record time.

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Struggling with student retention?

Keeping a student is cheaper than getting a new one. With Ascent One, you can boost your student retention with our Easy Direct Marketing (EDM) software.

Engage with students throughout their relationship with you using a mix of print, SMS, emails and personalised websites. With constant engagement you will be able to pick up on student concerns and address them before it’s too late. Basically, happy students don’t drop out.

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Want to increase conversion?

What do you do once a prospect has applied? Do you check in on students who have received an offer letter? How do you turn interest into action? With our Easy Direct Marketing (EDM) software you can automate your entire follow-up strategy, pushing students to apply, accept and enrol in a timely manner.

At the same time, you can use modules such as Easy Web Application and Easy Assessor to speed up your admissions process. When you get your offers out faster you can also capture more enrolments. With a combination of EDM and Admissions Management you can boost conversions at every stage.

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Trouble managing agents?

With Ascent One’s Easy Agent module you can easily keep your agent database up to date. Your respective agents (in their respective countries) will update their details on the Easy Agent system so you don’t have to do it manually. This includes details such as company names, location heads and job titles.

Use Easy Agreement Manager to keep track of every single agent contract issued. Use Easy Commissions to calculate and process commissions. The goal of Ascent One is to reduce your daily workload so you can focus on addressing student needs.

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Struggling with ESOS compliance?

As an institution, the law requires you to publish all your agent details online and keep them up to date. With Easy Agent Publisher you can publish all your agent details on your website and link it as a search engine for students.

Agents will update their details on the Easy Agent system and these will automatically be published on your website. You don’t have to do any manual updates or send individual reminders to agents. With Easy Agent Publisher you can be sure that your agent details are always valid, fulfilling ESOS compliance and reducing agent fraud.

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Trouble with SVP?

You can’t afford to lose your Streamlined Visa Processing (SVP) status. With Easy Visa Manager, you can create a system to screen your prospective students - and prove you’ve done it.

All checks are online (you don’t have to deal with paperwork) and you can customise them according to your student background. For example, students from high-risk countries may have tougher screens. With Easy Visa Manager you can screen every student who applies to your institution and generate an audit trail for monitoring purposes.

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Trouble managing agent commissions?

Every agent has a different payment scheme and commissions continuously change along the way. What if you had a system that could keep track of every detail; a system that can help you calculate, process and keep track of what has been paid or is payable? Welcome to Easy Commissions.

Free up your staff resources and ensure more timely and accurate payments to your agents. Easy Commissions streamlines your entire commissions’ management process. It supports a range of commission structures including course specific, slab or bonus-based.

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want to make your brochures more effective?

The new way to create brochures is to let students create them. With our Easy Brochure Builder (EBB) software, your students can go to your website and select the areas they are interested in - such as specific faculty info or staff profiles.

Once they hit Submit, the system will send them an electronic brochure or a printed copy. No more printing costly generic brochures. Your students build their own brochures so they will always get content that’s relevant to them.

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