Are you using multiple systems to respond to student enquiries? Are you having trouble with conversion? With Ascent One Marketing Management you can target students in a contextual and holistic manner using our proprietary range of digital marketing tools.

Run integrated campaigns spanning print, SMS, email and websites

Let students build their own brochures based on their interests

Ascent One runs on cloud.
No infrastructure investment required.
No downloads, installations or updates.

Our Easy Direct Marketing (EDM) software takes personal communication to a new level. Think brochures, emails, SMS and personal URLs (PURLs) which speak directly to each student.

If students make an enquiry, they get a PURL inviting them to an Open Day. Before the Open Day, they get an SMS reminder. For the Open Day they get a personal brochure. The possibilities are endless and can be used for any campaign including agent visits, student retention programmes and alumni management.

The beauty of EDM is that everything runs on autopilot. You programme the system and the campaign rolls out on its own. All you need is a student database and we can help you create the campaign.

  • Engage with students at every stage
  • Reduce dropouts and boost enrolment
  • Measure results with real time analytics
  • No infrastructure required, EDM runs in the cloud

Want to find out more about your agents? Want feedback from your students? With Easy Survey Manager you can create electronic surveys and get responses almost immediately. Use it to screen agents or find out students’ opinions on courses, events, promotions and more.

  • Create as many surveys as you like
  • Easy to track response rates
  • Generate instant reports
  • Capture all kinds of information

Gone are the days of impersonal, generic brochures. With our Easy Brochure Builder (EBB) software your students can build their own brochures on your website.

They select their interest areas and the system will automatically send them an electronic copy. If they want a printed version, they can easily select this option.

Save on the cost of producing irrelevant content and engage your prospects with material they want to read.

  • Brochures are customised for each student
  • Choice of electronic and/or printed brochures
  • Capture leads for future marketing purposes
  • Save on cost of producing irrelevant content