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All the forms you need in one place

With Easy Forms, you can search for forms by various categories including institution, form type and course. Find all the forms you need in one place. No need to trawl through different university websites and emails. You can search for all types of forms including applications, enrolments and refunds.

  • Search for forms by any category
  • Be able to download forms instantly
  • No need to search through different uni websites

With Easy Assessor all your applications from everywhere in the world will be housed in one central location. All you have to do is pull it up on screen to view the information. Send out offers with a click, enabling you to quickly capture enrolments.

  • Get back to students in record time
  • Easy access to applications on one central system
  • No need to search through multiple email messages
  • All info will be complete as the system does not accept incomplete applications

With Easy Visa Manager you can swiftly manage your visa processing obligations. Screen every student that applies with automatic online checks. No need to do it manually. Everything is trackable and traceable for audit days.

  • Reduce SVP compliance risk
  • Reduce staff processing time
  • Easy to use for students, agents and staff
  • Audit trail enables you to monitor all info

Fed up handling admissions? Leave it to us. Easy Admissions is our outsourcing service for admissions. We can handle anything from data entry and document upload to chasing incomplete applications. With Easy Admissions you can switch your fixed costs to variable costs - and save.

  • Reduce your admissions processing costs
  • Speed up your admissions process
  • Free up your resources
  • Focus on student service and conversion

With Easy Acceptance, students can accept offers online so you don’t get buried in paperwork. The acceptance forms are pre-filled with student details, making it easier for them to complete. You can integrate the module with your chosen payment gateway, enabling students to pay online.

  • Streamline your acceptance process
  • Students and agents will get automatic confirmation notifications
  • Update acceptance requirements anytime
  • Generate useful business reports

With Easy Refund your students can easily apply for a refund online. Everything is taken care of by the module so you don’t have to deal with multiple communication channels. The module will send students automatic SMS or email replies.

  • Students can apply for a refund anytime
  • Free up staff processing time
  • Link to Easy Web Application to streamline processes
  • Generate financial reports with a click

Publish your full course info online, not just course names and fees. Students can view intake dates, entry requirements and more. You can link this page to other modules such as Easy Web Application and Easy Assessor to streamline your entire admissions process.

  • Streamline your admissions process
  • Publish full course data
  • Link to other Ascent One modules to enable students to apply online

Easy Web Application is a powerful portal that consolidates your entire application process. Students or agents can use it to apply online and track their application status. The module records all communication history including offers made and documents sent. You don’t have to search through multiple emails.

  • Enable students and agents to apply online 24/7
  • All communication history is recorded in one place
  • Also enables online payment of application fees
  • Use with other modules to speed up your admissions process

With Easy Deferral, students and agents can request a deferral online. The module will take care of all follow-up communications, such as accepting the deferral and re-issuing an offer letter. Easy Deferral automates as much of the deferral process as possible so you can focus on core issues.

  • Reduce staff processing time
  • More control over deferral process
  • Generate instant reports for business purposes
  • Track all communication history

This module allows you to book and schedule interviews with students online for the courses that require them. All parties – assessors, academics and students - have access to the system to facilitate easier management. You can also use the module to record interview outcomes and notes.

  • Book and schedule interviews online
  • Keep notes about the interviews
  • Track all user actions
  • Frees up staff processing time

Our Easy Direct Marketing (EDM) software takes personal communication to a new level. Think brochures, emails, SMS and personal URLs (PURLs) which speak directly to each student.

If students make an enquiry, they get a PURL inviting them to an Open Day. Before the Open Day, they get an SMS reminder. For the Open Day they get a personal brochure. The possibilities are endless and can be used for any campaign including agent visits, student retention programmes and alumni management.

The beauty of EDM is that everything runs on autopilot. You programme the system and the campaign rolls out on its own. All you need is a student database and we can help you create the campaign.

  • Engage with students at every stage
  • Reduce dropouts and boost enrolment
  • Measure results with real time analytics
  • No infrastructure required, EDM runs in the cloud

Want to find out more about your agents? Want feedback from your students? With Easy Survey Manager you can create electronic surveys and get responses almost immediately. Use it to screen agents or find out students’ opinions on courses, events, promotions and more.

  • Create as many surveys as you like
  • Easy to track response rates
  • Generate instant reports
  • Capture all kinds of information

Gone are the days of impersonal, generic brochures. With our Easy Brochure Builder (EBB) software your students can build their own brochures on your website.

They select their interest areas and the system will automatically send them an electronic copy. If they want a printed version, they can easily select this option.

Save on the cost of producing irrelevant content and engage your prospects with material they want to read.

  • Brochures are customised for each student
  • Choice of electronic and/or printed brochures
  • Capture leads for future marketing purposes
  • Save on cost of producing irrelevant content

Easy Agent enables you to create a database of agents using our global database. You will have access to agent contact details across the world and be able to filter by role, institution or country. Link Easy Agent to other modules such as Easy Agent Publisher and Easy Communicator to streamline your entire agent management process.

  • Always have up-to-date information about your agents
  • View your agent network globally via integrated map technology
  • Gain better control over your agent network

Once you have an Easy Agent database you can use Easy Agent Publisher to publish all your agent details on your institution website. This subscribes to ESOS compliance and you don’t have to do manual updates. Every time an agent makes a change, the software will update it on your site.

  • Enables students to search for verified agents on your site
  • Helps prevent agent fraud
  • Published info includes agency name, job titles, emails and address
  • 100% ESOS compliant

Your agent network is worldwide with multiple contact people. Easy Communicator is a system that enables you to communicate with the right person each time. By having all your messages in one system you don’t have to refer to multiple emails. Track all your communication history and make sure your messages get to the right people.

  • Target your messages by department, country and job title
  • Create your own templates to suit your brand
  • Track messages which have or have not been read
  • Track all responses and message history

Every agent may have a different commissions scheme. Easy Commissions enables you to manage it all – set, calculate and process commissions for each of your agents based on their respective packages. With Easy Commissions you can keep track of all amounts paid and owing without having to calculate each account manually.

  • Easy processing of agent commissions
  • Keep track of commissions paid and payable
  • Generate a wide range of business reports
  • Avoid duplicate payments and clawbacks

As an institution you are responsible for everything your agents do and say. Our solution is Easy Notes, a module that enables you to record all critical interactions with your agents. These include marketing plans or visits, comments, documents and reports. With a complete record on hand, you and your staff will always be up to date with agent dealings.

  • Keep track of all your agent interactions
  • The audit trail covers meetings, visits, complaints and reports
  • Make sure no organisation knowledge is lost when staff move
  • Record all notes and reports against each agent

With Easy Agreement Manager you can issue contracts to your agents and keep track of agreement expiry dates. You will also be able to run audit checks for agent appointments and renewals. Easy Agreement Manager removes the pain of paperwork. You can always check on agreement statuses online or run reports to see what’s outstanding.

  • Manage prospective agent applications
  • Keep track of agreement expiry dates
  • Record agreement and commission arrangements
  • Enable audit checks and screenings for renewal

You can keep all your institutions up to date on your office and staff details in one place, without having to write to multiple contacts whenever something changes.

  • Be found by students all over the globe
  • Connect to institutions with one easy system
  • Enables you to link up with other Ascent One modules

Search for institutions anywhere in the world

Easy Contact is our global directory of institutions. You can find almost any institution in the world and search by various categories. Find a university by location or hone in on a person in a specific department such as admissions, acceptance, marketing or commissions.

  • Access our global institution directory
  • Get in touch with the right person every time
  • The easy way to search for contacts

A central messaging system with institutions

With Easy Communicator, institutions can send messages to you in a single platform.

The messages can be targeted by department or job title so information always gets to the right people in your company. You will have a complete history of all communications for your easy reference.

  • Be able to receive messages and reply to institutions
  • Keep track of all communications
  • No need for multiple emails and modes of communication

Use Easy Agreement Manager to keep track of agreement details and expiry dates. Use the system to upload and store signed documents, and get automatic notifications when contracts are expiring.

  • Use one simple system to manage agreements
  • Keep track of agreement details and expiry dates
  • Get notified when contracts are expiring

With Easy Commissions you can always keep track of the commissions paid to you.

Institutions will process all your commissions through the system so you can minimise calculation errors or missed payments. Access online reports at any time to check amounts paid and payable.

  • Keep track of commissions paid and payable
  • Manage tax and payment methods
  • Avoid calculation errors or missed payments

All the forms you need in one place

With Easy Forms, you can search for forms by various categories including institution, form type and course. Find all the forms you need in one place. No need to trawl through different university websites and emails. You can search for all types of forms including applications, enrolments and refunds.

  • Search for forms by any category
  • Be able to download forms instantly
  • No need to search through different uni websites